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Tantra Teacher

I am a Tantra Teacher, trained by Ma Ananda Sarita, a Tantric Coach and I do have all sorts of other certifications, giving me an understanding about the Body, how to work with the body and also how to navigate difficult emotions and nervous system states. I am also quite a Nerd and enjoy spiritual philosophy and poetry as well as the newest neuroscience around the body, pleasure and emotions.

I receive a lot of appreciation from my clients for opening spaces in which they can come truly in contact with their essence, their divine guidance and their unique creative expression. And this is what I care most about. Tantra is such a precious spiritual path, that enables us to fully incarnate and live our divine being here on earth, as humans and thus I am quite interested to explore how the profane is sacred- how can sexuality be lived and enjoyed as divine union? What is sacred about anger and difficult emotions? How can I understand my body as a divine Yantra- a divine Form?

These are the things I am contemplating about, with the help and a lot of grace from spiritual teachers on the path, ranging from traditional shamanic teachers, Yoginis, western hermeticist, practitioners of more modern variations of Tantra, to classical non- sexual Tantra. I am deeply honored to receive their gifts and pay them forward.