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Neelam Devi

Tantra Teacher, Holistic Coach and Meditation Facilitator

Neelam has been on her own journey of transformation for many years, training with world renowned spiritual teachers and experts in the field of personal development. Her holistic approach is the result of a life devoted to her own inner growth and combines tools and techniques from the different modalities in which she is trained. Her work is a blend of spirituality and modern science, and she is trauma-informed through the lens of Somatic Experiencing®.

Her offerings are deeply rooted in meditation, self-inquiry and body awareness and are greatly inspired by the teachings of Osho and Byron Katie. She is certified as a Tantra Essence Teacher, a Holistic Coach, and a Facilitator of OSHO Active Meditations, and she is currently training as a Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie. For more information, you can check out her website: