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General Questions

  • 1Are all levels of Tantra practitioners welcomed?

    The Corfu Tantra Festival is designed to welcome and support everyone. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this festival will help you thrive and deepen your practice. You’ll have a choice of numerous workshops, which you can choose to attend according to your interest and experience. We’re confident that you’ll quantum leap into your next tantric step.

  • 2Will there be a translation?

    Attendants from all backgrounds are welcomed, however the language of the Corfu Tantra Festival is English.

  • 3Can I come if I am single or do I need a partner?

    Just come as you are. The Corfu Tantra Festival is welcoming, respecting and cherishing individuals as well as couples.

  • 4Is there any sexual activity during the festival?

    There is no sexual interaction during the Festival in the workshop space. However if you meet someone you connect with and wish to explore your connection deeper, you are welcome to do it in your own private space.

  • 5Is there any nudity during the festival?

    Some workshops will offer the option to be nude, for participants who may desire to be so. No one will ever be required to be nude. You might consider how comfortable you’d be in the presence of other participants taking their clothes off. You’ll always be guided to navigate these situations and you always have the option to change your mind.

  • 6What do I need to bring?

    Just come as you are, there are no fashion requirements to experience and enjoy Tantra. Choose what makes you feel good.

    We can suggest the following if you need inspiration:

    • Comfortable clothes that you feel easy to move and sit
    • Sarong
    • Massage sheet and massage oil if you wish
    • Party outfit

    And as it might be hot in Greece:

    • Water bottle
    • Sunscreen
    • Anti-mosquito
    • Hat
    • Sunglasses


  • 1Can I cancel my booking?

    The bookings are not refundable. However you may transfer your ticket to someone else, as long as they have a conversation with the team first.

  • 2Can I book only for 1 day or separate workshops?

    No, the Corfu Tantra Festival is a beautiful full 6 day experience and no tickets will be sold for single days or workshops.

  • 3What is included in the Festival price?

    Access to all the festival workshops:

  • 4Are accommodation & food included in the Festival price?

    No it's not included in the festival price, the accommodation and food has to be booked with the venue Alexis Zorbas.



  • 1What kind of rooms are available?

    The venue offers double rooms with a kitchen and...

    There are also a limited number of single rooms available for an extra €100.

  • 2Can I book a double room if I come alone?

    Yes, you can book a double room if you come alone, and we’ll pair you up with another participant of the same gender as you.

  • 3Can I share a room with my friend?

    You can share the room with your friend. But please let us know the name of your friend you want to share the room with (subject to availability).

  • 4Can I stay outside of the venue?

    This is a residential festival, the accommodation has only to be booked with venue Alexis Zorbas

  • 5Can I share the ride to the venue?

    You can organise a shared ride with other participants in our private facebook group.