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The venue Alexis Zorbas, which we have all to ourselves, is located above the village and within walking distance to the beaches of Arillas and Agios Stefanos. Our main seminar room is the Octagon, from which you can see the sea and the sky, the green garden with olive trees provides shade.

The restaurant is the centre of the house, where we will have our rich breakfast and delicious vegetarian meals in the garden. A small supermarket (with organic food and boutique) and a scooter rental are right next door. The various types of accommodation, some with sea view, are within a max. 5-minute walk around the seminar house, offering a nurturing connection but also enough private space for inner silence.

The beauty of the place, convenience, local mud, tourist places within reach, local restaurants, community, the place just for us, not crowded, quiet, peaceful, meditative, wonderful swirl etc.


The small village Arillas has been attracting visitors for many years. The mixture of lively resort and the tangible spiritual energy makes most visitors come back again and again. What makes this place special for us is that we have all experienced very deep inner processes (of course this is possible in other places as well), but here we find wonderful oases to easily integrate this inner work: nice cafes and authentic Greek taverns, quiet places in the surrounding olive groves or on the flat sandy beaches, hikes under the deep blue sky along the cliffs, floating in the gentle sea, mud bathing, dancing and always the honest, open exchange with people who are just going through similar processes.

If you want to explore the surrounding area, there are e-bikes, scooters or rental cars that will take you to abandoned mountain villages, narrow gorges with ancient oaks, breathtaking cliffs: The surrounding nature and the openness of the locals bring us deep into our peace and strength in an easy way.

Corfu Town is just an hour away by car and invites you to stroll in the old town, sundowner at the harbour or enjoy high quality cuisine in one of the very good restaurants on the promenade.M

How To Get There

By Car

It is possible to arrive by car. There are several ferry options depending on your route. From Corfu town to Arillas, it’s about an hour drive. Roads are good.

By Plane

Corfu Airport, direct flights from most European airports during high season. The airport by itself is quite small. Buses start from there (see buses category), most car rental companies are at a walking distance.

By Taxi

The trip from the airport to Arillas cost between 60€ and 70€. We will create a shared file so you can share a car or a taxi.

By Buses

In high season, there are buses starting from the airport and touring the island. The connection times depend and the route the bus will take and how many stops it has planned. It is the cheapest option, around 12€.