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Corfu Buddha Hall

Buddha Hall is a beautiful, purpose-built group space, available for group events, workshops and retreats that relate to spiritual growth and personal development. It is located on the edge of a small, inland hill village called Magoulades, in a stunning setting, on top of a hill, set amongst olive groves and cypress trees, few kms from a choice of beautiful beaches.

The Hall is a very large space, capable of seating 200 people for a concert and over 100 people for a workshop. However, such is the “holding” nature of the space, it also works well for smaller groups. The Hall is a building of 200 square meters, with a wooden floor and pagoda style wooden roof. There are no obstructing pillars in the hall. The walls have windows all round with 360 degree views of the mountains, forest and sea.The windows and doors all have blinds.


During 2020 lockdown we felt the call and the inspiration to build an outdoor platform and so we did!! The Egg is a beautiful in nature oval platform of 120 square meters in the garden of Buddha Hall. It has its own sound system and supplies, and it is at private use of the Retreat happening in that moment at Buddha Hall. Basically, you can choose to be indoor or outdoor everyday.

Food for body & soul

It’s no coincidence that the Corfu Buddha Hall kitchen resides directly below the Hall itself. In essence, it’s the meeting point between the heart and hearth spaces. We understand how important it is for our guests to eat well and feel nourished as they enter into deep meditative processes. Each week a new group arrives with its own unique structures, energies and needs. Being below the Hall allows us to feel our way through the week, taking into account the weather, group energy and other circumstances that help us in preparing daily meals.

Our guests can expect to enjoy an abundant vegetarian meal, using seasonal and often organically grown vegetables from local farms. Our goal is to create delicious, nutritious, and visually pleasing menus, which include at least five different colors and three different textures in every meal. We also strive to do this without using any processed, packaged or genetically modified foods.

And though we are in Greece with its pantheon of aromas and flavors, we choose to take our guests on a culinary trip around the world to enjoy feasts from Asia, South America, Africa and of course Europe.

We generally use very little wheat and dairy products but when we do, we make sure everything is labeled. If you have any serious food allergies, please present yourself to one of our kitchen staff and they will take good care of you.

Cooking for other buddhas… – Osho

How To Get There

By Car

It is possible to arrive by car. There are several ferry options depending on your route. From Corfu town to Arillas, it’s about an hour drive. Roads are good.

By Plane

Corfu Airport, direct flights from most European airports during high season. The airport by itself is quite small. Buses start from there (see buses category), most car rental companies are at a walking distance.

By Taxi

The trip from the airport to Arillas cost between 60€ and 70€. We will create a shared file so you can share a car or a taxi.

My Corfu driver

Please visit to book your taxi transfer to/from the airport. It is mandatory to include your precise arrival / departure time, flight number, and the number of people.

You could also mail to to get information or call the company between 09.00 – 21.00 Greek Time at (+30) 2661 700810, (+30) 6994 360 000 or (+30) 6938 030 923.

By Buses

From Airport to Arillas

In high season, there are buses starting from the airport and touring the island. The connection times depend on the route the bus will take and how many stops it has planned. It is the cheapest option, around 12€.

From Corfu Town Bus Station to Arillas

The Local Green Bus operated by KTEL also operates 2 bus rides daily from the Corfu Town main bus station to Arillas Beach and Agios Stefanos, usually one in the morning and one in the early afternoon, and 7 rides a day from Kerkyra to Sidari (A nearby town to Arillas). It’s less than 5.00 € and takes about 2 hours. Green Bus schedule:

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