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Welcome to Corfu Tantra Festival


From the 22nd to the 29th of July, our festival will open its door in the buzzing heart of Arillas in Corfu. A hand-picked team of teachers and helpers will guide you for an amazing journey in the depth of Tantra and fill you with wonder, joy and tenderness as your heart remembers the vastness of its love. We wish this festival to be like a cocoon and hence this residential festival is open only to a small sized group about 50 spaces at Alexis Zorbas in Arillas Corfu. It matters to us that you feel safe, welcomed, accepted as you are, and explore your inner ecstasy as a beginner or an experienced Tantrika. We invite you to Sing, Dance, Meditate and feel the Ecstasy of your heart.

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7 Days

of Initiation to Tantra

Heal your Heart

The Touch your soul needs

Tap into the deep spiritual wisdom of Tantra

Celebrate the dance of your body

Cry in Wonder

Feel held

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Tantric Rituals

Ecstatic Dance

Why Tantra!

What is in the
Corfu Tantra Festival

The theme of the festival is Ecstasy of the Heart.

Looking at the deep blue sea, listening to symphony of the waves at the beautiful surroundings of Arillas is the space for your heart to be felt, heard, unfolded and celebrated. This residential tantra festival is intended to connect deeper to yourself & to your inner truth.

Our intention is to Heal, discover, expand and celebrate. Throughout this week we will offer a wide range of profound practices.

Essence of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

Tantra Touch

Movement & Dance

Authentic Sharings


Tantrik Breathwork

Separate Men & Women Circle

OSHO Active Meditations


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Magical summer nights events in the evening

Beach time and natural mineral mud Treatment by the cliffs
Ecstatic dance
Tantric rituals
Cacao ceremony
Sacred parties

Corfu Tantra Festival 2023

22 - 29 July, 2023



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