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What People Say About Us

"Absolutely mind blowing"

This was my first Tantra experience, and it was absolutely mind blowing. It felt like a comfortable safe space to grow and to come in a deeper connection to yourself. Now I feel more confident and have a bigger Yes to the magical life I have.

- Anna Folkhard

"Don't miss it!"

You will connect with yourself in a different way, deeper, more real, more honest, more tender, more sensual, more se*ual, without judgment and with lots of love!!

- Panagiotis Kokkoris

"Truly extraordinary Tantra teachers"

In July I was a participant in Corfu and Arillas in Greece. I thought I would give myself this festival and immerse myself in what I knew so far about Tantra. The experiences I had there, with truly extraordinary Tantra teachers, touched and inspired me deeply. This week was truly transformational for me. There were no tantra massages, but a spiritual space with several Osho meditations every day, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance and, last but not least, the orgasmic heart meditation, which changed everything for me. The community, the Tantra teachers, this quality impressed me deeply. And I just thought to myself, THIS is what I want to learn!!!!

- Türkan Möller

"Heart- and Mind opening experience"

What a deeply transformative, intense, emotional, heart- and mind opening experience the Corfu Tantra Festival 2023 has been! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the deeply committed, gifted and inspired teachers for your guidance, support, love, (com)passion, humour, creativity and for sharing your gifts, experience and knowledge so generously and lovingly - all your gifts keep on giving. And what’s more, I got to spend time with amazing, bright and bold people and forged beautiful friendships and relationships and - as a direct result of the Ecstatic Corfu Heart Hub - exciting new projects and collaborations are already happening and more are on the horizon - magical in every way! Looking forward to the next edition in 2024!

- Dagmar Baumunk

"A very safe and loving space"

Last year I participated in the first Corfu Tantra Festival. It was an amazing experience. The teachers created a very safe and loving space where the participants could totally relax and open up. And, of course, the village of Arillas with its unique, transformational vibes amplified the whole experience.

- Alekos

"Grateful for broadening my horizons"

I was able to attend the first Tantra Festival in the summer. I was deeply impressed by the diversity of the leadership, how it was structured and how many new things I was able to learn at the age of 67. I am very grateful for this broadening of my horizons.

- Johann Len

"Highest Caliber within you"

As he weaves his spell with his sax, or invites soul-searching with his flute, or ignites you to dance to abandon, he is in each and every note, inviting you to journey towards that which is of the highest caliber within you.

- Ma Ananda Sarita
Tantra teacher

"Merging Swaras into breath"

He plays … without meaning to announce he has heard and learnt from a world master, God of flute, Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia. He plays … like a global music artist would — merging swaras into breath, a full scream from the heart that sounds less like it comes from the West and more like any temperamental (Indian) vocalist …

- S. Mehrishi
Daily Pioneer, New Delhi, India

"universe is making love to me"

When you play the flute, it’s like the universe is making love to me.

- Rinske Frederiks

"Powerfully transformative experience"

I have no words to describe what you do. It is simply transcendental watching you drop into the space between the notes and download all of us with a powerfully transformative experience.

- Sean Gardner
, USA (Raw Food Guru)


Krishna is playing and singing through Praful

- Brandon Bays