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Jharna Landi

Tantra Teacher, Relationships & Intimacy Coach

As an adventure seeker with a free spirit and a deep love for life, Jharna has travelled the world in her spiritual search, dedicating her life to her personal and professional development, with the desire to guide others. She is a lover of nature, a passionate and dedicated teacher, a multi-accredited Tantra Facilitator, and a certified Relationships & Intimacy Coach.

Raised in Europe with a scientific education and having spent years in Asia on her spiritual exploration, her work is infused with ancient teachings and traditions of the East, backed up by modern scientific studies of the West. Bridging and merging these worlds, she offers deep spiritual work through practical and accessible tools.

Jharna is the founder of Seeds of Passion Within, the space in which she guides women and couples in cultivating aliveness in their life – particularly in their experience of relationships, intimacy, and spirituality – using Tantric methods of meditation and self-awareness.

She offers her work professionally in Europe and Asia, as well as online, as an experienced lead facilitator, a Tantra Essence Teacher and a trauma-informed VITA™ Intimacy, Love and Relationship Coach. Website:

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