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Mathias Kluger

Yoga Teacher & Sound Healer

Mathias is on his spiritual journey for ten years now and follows a non-dogmatic, holistic approach. He is a highly experienced and dedicated yoga teacher with over 1000 hours of teacher training. Altogether he spent two transformative years in India where he studied under various teachers and schools, gaining a deep understanding of the traditional practices and philosophies of yoga. He fuses this ancient wisdom with modern scientific knowledge. Mathias has been fortunate to learn from renowned movement experts like Mark Robberds. Furthermore, he is passionate about shamanism and tantra. He often incorporates elements like emotional release or breathwork (in the process of becoming a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator) into his teachings. All these practices and the work with ceremonial cacao, allow participants to connect with their hearts and let go of any emotional blockages. Lately the work with other men resonates deeply within Mathias.

Mathias is not only a sound healer but an accomplished DJ with many years of experience, bringing his passion for different music genres to his sets. Through his ecstatic dance project Lost in Soma, he seamlessly blends different genres, mantras, and medicine songs with modern beats to create truly immersive and emotional music journeys. He loves to create and hold safe spaces for people to let loose, connect with one another, and experience the healing power of music and dance. With his deep understanding of the mind-body connection, his commitment to creating safe and sacred spaces, and his passion for music and healing, he is confident in his ability to guide his students towards greater self-awareness and well-being.