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Prem Suraj

Natural Healer & Tantra Teacher

Prem Suraj developed fine senses for subtle energies and profound questions of life at a very early stage. In his teenage days, he accidentally listened to an audio discourse of a mystic OSHO, drawn by that discourse, he started reading books of OSHO & J.Krishnamurti. A friend introduced him to Vedathri Maharishi and his silent meditation practices. But at that time he chose to go behind economic security and stability as he was less interested in meditation. After a decade he went through a breakdown in life, the experience he had with Vedathri maharishi and by reading OSHO books lead him in the path of inner science.

Tantra was his way of life which enabled him to live life as a whole. For more than 17 years, Suraj received transmissions from various spiritual teachers around the world in the path of Tantra, to embrace light and dark shadows of life with love and compassion. He shares his wisdom and experiences through tantra groups and offers healing through bodywork in India and in Europe with joy and playfulness. Suraj blends the eastern classical tantra and western bioenergetics to transform the participants of his groups to live life to the fullest potential.

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