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Tantra Teacher

Adima discovered SkyDancing Tantra® for the first time in 2010, through Margot Anand's book, “The Path to Ecstasy”. She then decides to take the plunge and explore Tantra in all its forms: evenings, weekends, courses, alone, as a couple... Tantra then becomes a true passion for her, her art of living. After following the personal training "Training for Extasy and Love" TEL from the Skydancing Tantra school, she decided to continue her tantric journey by following the Teacher Training within this same school.

Today, a certified teacher, she regularly hosts evenings and workshops in Paris. Her regular practice of Tantra provides her with powerful natural energy which allows her to live each moment with maximum intensity and in full consciousness. She is keen to pass on her discoveries and support those who wish to do so on their tantric path.